171 Strand



This abandoned tube station, which served a branch of the Piccadilly line, opened in 1907 and closed in 1994.

Although the sign declares it “Strand Station,” the station was renamed “Aldwych,” after a nearby street, in 1915.

An interesting fact: during WWI and WWII, the station was closed temporarily and used to store art from the National Gallery–including the Elgin Marbles–thereby keeping the works safe from enemy bombing.

Marine Court

Towards St. Leonard’s–a view from Hastings Pier (on a foggy day).

Marine Court, an Art Deco block of flats and shops (opened 1937), resembles an ocean liner–the Queen Mary, to be precise. It’s always captivated me, and I wish I could have a look ’round one of the flats.

Marine Court is often described as a part of Hastings. This designation is incorrect; instead, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea claims this fabulous, fanciful building.

If you’re interested, Iain Sinclair, has written a marvelously poetic piece on Marine Court. You can find it here.